Field Projects

In field projects, teams of doctoral students work on issues arising for companies, institutions, NGOs, and their decision makers in their day-to-day work. They develop theoretically well-founded and feasible concepts of responsible management and good leadership to solve these problems.

Aim of the Field Projects

The field projects are an integral part of the doctoral program. They belong to its third pillar, the dialogue platform. Their aim is to develop scientifically well-founded and at the same time applicable concepts of good, responsible leadership. Up-to-date research in business, corporate, and leadership ethics should be applied to concrete questions that arise for businesses, institutions, and NGOs, and their decision makers during the course of their daily practice. The focus of field projects thus lies on questions of theory-practice-transfer.

Field projects give the doctoral students the opportunity to work in teams, for example, on consulting projects or case studies or to expand a concept for a dialog process aimed towards decision makers in business and society. Thereby, they gain valuable work experience with interesting partners, create new and valuable professional credentials, and broaden their (research) horizons. Field projects also offer members and partners of the WCGE the opportunity to work with talented, young scholars on their specific questions of ethics and responsible leadership.

General Information about the Field Projects

Teams of two to four doctoral students work together in field projects under the lead of a scientific supervisor. Normally, one of the supervising professors takes over the role of the scientific supervisor.

A field project lasts three months. Each doctoral student should expect to work approximately ten hours per week on the project during this time.

Doctoral students have to successfully complete two field projects within the first and second year of their membership in the doctoral program. Each field project is worth 10 ECTS credits.

Field projects can either be initiated by the WCGE, the scientific supervisor, external clients, or the doctoral student.

Completed Field Projects