Wittenberg Leadership Colloquium

Decision-makers in the economy face significant societal pressure. They are expected to be successful in competitive markets – and at the same time, they need to be role models of integrity and responsible behavior. Managers must always do the ‘right’ thing.

However, what points of orientation are there for doing the ‘right’ thing in the face of contradictory demands and interests? How should decision makers act when rules and data are lacking, incomplete or contradictory? How can they live up to their responsibility, despite competitive pressures, scarcity of resources and major cultural differences? Due to the growing uncertainty and increased pace of development, long standing processes and tried and tested KPIs are losing their validity. During the Wittenberg Leadership Colloquium, the WCGE presents concepts and instruments for putting responsible leadership into practice. Training is based on a global perspective, leverages insights from leading academics and does justice to the necessary dialogue between partners from politics, business and civil society. We are convinced that successful leadership requires strong competencies and a strong disposition. Supporting the development of these traits is the goal of our leadership colloquium.