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Dr. Martin von Broock

Is the Chairman of the management board for the charitable association and a member of the management board for the foundation. His core area of responsibility is “Market economy and corporate responsibility”. He develops dialogue processes and projects on the topics of corporate responsibility, values management and the moral value of the market economy for industries, corporations and their stakeholders. In addition, he is responsible for the communication and public relations of the Wittenberg Center.



Waldemar Hötte

Is a member of the management board for the charitable association and has been the managing director of the Center since 2001. He is responsible for operative issues, financing and internal administration as well as for managing the events at the Center. He also works to expand the Center’s activities and is the contact person for external partners and supporters.



Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek

Is the Chairman of the management board for the foundation. As the academic leader, he is responsible for the development of the theoretical foundation of the work at the Wittenberg Center. He is also a professor of business ethics at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management where he holds the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Chair for Economic and Business Ethics. HHL is one of the leading international business schools in Germany and prides itself on its higher education programs in management.



Prof. Dr. Philipp Schreck

Holds the Friede Springer Chair for Business Ethics and Management Accounting at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg. The focus of his research and teaching is on topics related to corporate responsibility, sustainability reporting and the behavioral effects of incentive systems. He is a member of the management board for the charitable association.



Friederike Fröhlich

As a project leader at WCGE, Friederike Froehlich oversees dialogue activities on the subjects of corporate responsibility, global value chains and digitalisation. She is also responsible for the Wittenberg Leadership Colloquium.



Henrike Heierberg

Is the project manager for the dialogue activities of the WCGE on the topic of “Economy as a Co-Designing Strength of Social Renewal” in the context of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Moreover, she takes responsibility for the Energy Academy.


Dr. Lisa Schmalzried

Is the Academic Coordinator of the doctoral program Ethics and Responsible Leadership in Business. She is responsible for organizing the curriculum, cooperating with the program’s partners and further academic events.


Magdalena Wallkamm

supports the doctoral program “Ethics and Responsible Leadership in Business” as academic assistant.



Mario Klimpke

Is the team assistant and is responsible for all administrative issues at the Center including Information Technology Services and website maintenance.



Dr. Manuela Glass

is currently on maternity leave.


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Sabine Wellnitz

Is the project manager for the area “Global cooperation” and manages the international activities of the Wittenberg Center. She also coordinates the exchange with the members of the "American Foundation for the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics, Inc."