Behavioral Ethics Research Conference 2017 – A Case for Reformation in Normative Business Ethics

Die Konferenz nimmt das 500 Jahre Reformationsjubiläum zum Anlass, nach aktuellen Perspektiven der normativen Unternehmensethik zu fragen.

 International führende Vertreter des Fachs diskutieren in kleinem Kreis jene Herausforderungen, die sich aus den Erkenntnissen des noch recht jungen Forschungsfeldes „Behavioral Ethics“ ergeben.


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The Program of the "Behavioral Ethics Research Conference 2017"


Roundtable 1: Morality, Cooperation & Motivation - June 29th, 10 am-12 am

Melis - The evolutionary roots of human cooperationMelis - The evolutionary roots of human cooperation

Homann, Schreck & Van Aaken - There's Life in the Old Dog Yet: The Homo Oeconomicus Model and its Value for the Study of Morality

Donaldson & Walsh - Glitter or Gold? Values, Business Value, and the Coming Intelligence Revolution

Robertson - Cognitive Neuroscience and Business Ethics

Roundtable 2: The Relation Between Positive and Normative Ethics - June 29th, 1:30 pm-3:30 pm

Hsieh - More Work for Normative Business Ethics

Brief, Crowe, Smith-Crowe & Tenbrunsel - The Give and Take of Behavioral and Normative Ethics

Sacconi - Liberal egalitarianism

Werhane - Reformation or Reunion in Business Ethics

Roundtable 3: Performance and Unethical Behaviors in Organizations - June 29th, 4 pm-6 pm

Irlenbusch, Mussweiler, Saxler, Shalvi & Weiss - Similarity increases collaborative cheating

Mitchell, Baer, Ambrose, Folger & Palmer - Cheating under pressure

Engel & Szech - A little good is good enough

Tsay - The Vision Heuristic and Non-Conscious Biases in Judgments of Performance

Roundtable 4: Individual Ethics and Social Order - June 30th, 8:30 am-10:30 am

Suchanek - The Task of Business Ethics

Matten – Participation cancelled

Naude - Can we overcome the anthropocentrism bias in sustainability discourse

Beschorner & Kolmar - Embodied Culture

Roundtable 5: Responsibility, Corporate Governance, and the State – June 30th, 11 am-1 pm

Pies - The Ordonomic Approach

Moon & Knudsen - Visible Hands: Government and International CSR

Schnider, Haack & Scherer - Deliberation Experiment

Van Oosterhout & Sauerwald - Symbolic Shareholder Democracy