Study Program

The doctoral program offers its doctoral students a diverse study program that they attend whilst writing their PhD theses. The study program promotes their research activities thematically and methodologically, helps them to become aware of questions of theory-practice transfer, and broadens their research horizons.

The study program examines the thematic focus of the doctoral program from different perspectives: from an economical as well as from a philosophical perspective; from a conceptual as well as an empirical perspective; from a theoretical-scientific as well as from a practical, application-oriented perspective. It gives the doctoral students the possibility to discuss questions about their research projects and about scientific work and publishing in general with experienced researchers. The program also gives them the opportunity to talk with representatives of internationally operating companies and of NGOS, and with politicians about concrete questions regarding good leadership and sustainable, responsible management. Finally, it supports the networking of the doctoral students with one another.

The teaching and working language of the study program is English. Most of the study program takes place at the WCGE in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Some courses and meetings are also offered at the MLU Halle-Wittenberg and the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

The study program is mandatory. It consists of core courses, electives, jour fixe, research colloquia, and mini colloquia.

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