Impulses for the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights (NAP)

On November 5th, Raphael Ng, member of the WCCGE doctoral program, took part in a workshop of the FFO on implementing the NPA.

How can German embassies support German Companies in upholding human rights in global supply chains? This was the central question of the workshop lead by Michaela Spaeth, FFO director of Business and Human Rights. At the workshop at the FFO several representatives from German embassies in India, Mexico, South Africa, Peru, Ghana, and the Philippines, and experts from trade unions, chamber of commerce, NGOs and business associations. Raphael NG, who writes his dissertation about the capability approach, shared value, and entrepreneurial responsibility at the doctoral program “Ethics and Responsible Leadership in Business” was one of the invited experts.

Expert panels from South Africa, India and Mexico presented deeper outlooks on their respective countries as well as remedy mechanisms to aid NAP implementations. Tools developed by the NAP Helpdesk along with innovative initiatives led by some German embassies were amongst the insights shared. The evening ended with a dinner generously hosted by Michaela Spaeth, as an opportunity for the over 60 participants to establish experts’ network.

The WCGE repeatedly cooperated with the FFO about business and leadership ethical questions in the international context in the past. Especially with regard to globally diverse law- and value systems, the clarification and attribution of entrepreneurial responsibility is very presuppositional, but still mandatory.