For Peace in the Middle East

The news of the terrorist attacks on Israel shocked us deeply. Our sympathy goes out to all the victims and their families. We hope that our friends from the region are safe and unharmed.

Exactly 15 years ago, the last Israeli-Jordanian business talks took place at the WCGE. Entrepreneurs from the Middle East, including Palestinians, met several times in Lutherstadt Wittenberg to advance the peace process through economic cooperation. In many personal talks, first mutual understanding and trust grew and then joint initiatives.

After the recent attacks on defenceless children, women and men, such cooperation and other peace initiatives will have a hard time for a long time. Those who are already suffering the most will pay the price and those who cannot decide for themselves whether they want to support the violence.

For us, it is clear that terror must now be decisively countered. It goes without saying that Israel has the right to defend itself. Nevertheless, the long-term vision of peaceful coexistence based on human rights must not be abandoned. It remains the only chance for stability, prosperity and participation in the region.