The Importance of Global Cooperation: English-language podcast with Andrew Young

In episode 11 of the WCGE Podcast, Ambassador Andrew Young talks about the importance of global cooperation.


How can cooperation succeed if the moral concepts of involved actors differ fundamentally? When is it better to avoid cooperation? In consideration of the current war in Ukraine, the question arises whether global cooperation can continue to be a successful model in the future. Andrew Young, U.S. politician, diplomat, and activist, has spent his life fighting for a collaboration amongst a wide range of actors - at the global, national, and community levels. As he celebrated his 90th birthday in March 2022, we talked with him about his life, his understanding of good leadership, and why cooperation should be maintained even in difficult situations.

Andrew Young was a part of the American Civil Rights Movement, Congressman for the State of Georgia and mayor of Atlanta. He was also the first African American who held the post in the Carter administration as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. After his career in politics, Andrew Young founded numerous organizations addressing issues of public policy, political lobbying, and good leadership, including the Andrew Young Foundation and the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics.

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