Diverse Insight into Business and Leadership Ethics

Fellows of the Foundation of the German Economy visited the WCGE for an academy week.

From July 8 until July 12, an academy week of the Foundation of the German Economy (Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft, sdw) on the subject of business ethics and leadership responsibility took place at the WCGE for the first time. The 45 participants were bachelor, master and Ph.D. students from different fields of study. During the seminar, they dealt with central questions of business and leadership ethics: How can economy and ethics be successfully reconciled? What are the rules and regulation arrangements that promote economies for the benefit of the people and the environment? How can leaders assume moral responsibility and achieve economic objectives at the same time? With which points of orientation do responsible leaders align their actions?
The academy introduced an economic as well as a philosophical approach to the topic. For the subject of business ethics, Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek (HHL Leipzig; WZGE) gave an introduction to economic ethics and Prof. Dr. Ingo Pies (MLU Halle-Wittenberg) to the ordonomic. Participants also solved the case study “Edeka & WWF – Moral Commitments and the Societal Role of Organizations”. The case study was supervised by members of the doctoral program “Ethics and responsible Leadership, Adrian Gombert, Benedikt Kirner und Alexander Reese. For the subject of leadership responsibility, PD Dr. Lisa Schmalzried (WCGE) presented the model of ethic-oriented leadership and its philosophical underpinnings, and Prof. Suchanek put the ethical compass up for discussion. A theatre workshop with Helga Kröplin made it possible to experience the topic “leadership” yet in another way.
With the seminar week the WCGE and the sdw intensified their cooperation.