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Africa 2015-2050: Our Future - our Vision

In December 2005, the Wittenberg Center organized a Forum with selected Young Leaders from 15 different countries in Africa, America and Europe.

They all have been studying or living in African as well as Western countries and they are familiar with the conditions in their native as well as their host countries.

In the three-days working session they discussed acutal developments in Africa, the NEPAD process and the future perspectives. Together they developed components for a common vision for Africa and the African Union in the 21 century.
Thereafter the Young Leaders met with European and African experts from development politics, economics and the media.

The experts gave feedback on the visionary ideas from a practical perspective. During this forum, the need for a change of paradigm as well as for an appropriate kind of entrepreneurial spirit was pointed out as a key for development and cooperation in order to overcome traditional patterns of dependency.