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WCGE supports Training for International Diplomats of the German Federal Foreign Office

At the invitation of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Wittenberg Center contributed with two impulses to the 38th Training for International Diplomats with participants from 21 countries.

On March 24, Prof. Andreas Suchanek gave an introduction to the principles and challenges of global ethics. Particular consideration was given to the role of trust building in international diplomacy. The participants, coming e.g. from China, the USA, Vietnam, Egypt, Japan, Azerbaijan and Iran, agreed that especially the intercultural dialog on different ideas of moral and responsibility promotes mutual learning and understanding.

On April 2, Dr. Martin von Broock applied the WCGE approach to a very important topic in Germany: the energy turn. The presentation focused on the ethical conflicts connected to the reorganization of the energy sector which dominate the public debate, in particular the fair distribution of the benefits and burden as well as the role of the industry. The subsequent discussion showed that the national representatives place great confidence in the German energy turn. Nevertheless, there are high expectations regarding the participation in the learning processes. Another subject of the discussion were incentives for developing and emerging nations to refrain from inefficient energy sources as well as a fair concept for the technology transfer.

With the impulses in Berlin the Wittenberg Center continues its cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office from the previous year. In November 2013 an alumni meeting in the context of the Training for International Diplomats took place in Wittenberg.