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Diplomats from the Western Balkans discuss questions of global ethics at the Wittenberg Center

Diplomats from the Western Balkans paid a visit to the WCGE on February 25, 2014.

The meeting took place within the context of the Training for International Diplomats, organized by the German Federal Foreign Office. The excursion to Wittenberg and the WCGE was part of a three-day trip through Germany with the objective to get acquainted with German institutions from politics, culture and society.

Waldemar Hötte, Managing Director and member of the Management Board, provided insights into the fundamentals of global ethics and the work of the Wittenberg Center. Subsequently, Dr. Manuela Glass, project manager in the corporate responsibility section, presented the "Code of Responsible Conduct for Business", an initiative moderated by the WCGE.

The discussion with the participants from Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia revealed that the construction of a functioning market economy requires not only stable institutions but moreover transparency and dialog. Institutions are only able to promote prosperity of society as long as there is a shared understanding of the responsibility of politics and business, for example regarding the fight against corruption. This is of particular relevance to the countries of the Western Balkans which face major economic challenges in the light of the transformation processes related to their EU rapprochement process. In this respect it became apparent that a clear definition of principles and areas of conflict is an important prerequisite for a constructive dialog on responsible conduct in politics, business and society.

The findings from the discussions with the diplomats will be further exploited by the WCGE for its international program.