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First Joint workshops series in Madagascar

Ethical Leadership Development - Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit Date: 6-12th July 2008

Managing Globalization: Challenges, Tools and Models for successful social coo-peration (Mental Model Change)

Aim: To understand leadership challenges faced by the different sectors of the Malagasy society regarding the national agenda (MAP) as well as to carry out a pre-training of our partners to adapt the model of training to the Malagasy reality.

The Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics and the NLIM carried out the first pilot and joint series of workshop in Antananarivo, Madagascar. In a multi-stakeholders intensive workshop, with about 30 participants from private sector, media (Print, Radio, and National TV), religious groups and different ministries, the participants were able to identify key issues that impede the implementation of the MAP as well as learn innovative tools to Managing the challenges and opportunities brought by the process of globalization in Madagascar. There it was agreed that further workshops should be carried out.

Executive Leadership Seminar 8th July 2008

Presidential Consulting Session at the State Palace Iavoloha/Madagascar on Understanding the dynamics of Globalization: The role of competition in fostering solidarity, innovation as well as in strengthening the competitive advantage of the Republic of Madagascar.

Aim: Setting content and a roadmap for Ethical Leadership Development for the Malagasy government officials

This workshop was attended by the president, senior ministers as well as by about 40 high- level business representatives from the national tourism industry. The result was that the Wittenberg Center should organize more of such training with special focuses on the role of building trust, credibility, responsibility and entrepreneurial mind-set. As a follow-up the Wittenberg Center shall organize a workshop with Diasporas (professionals and experts of Malagasy origin currently residing out of Madagascar independent of their current nationality or status but who are willing to contribute to the sustainable deve-lopment of Madagascar).