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Wittenberg Dialogue Forum 2008 "Ethics and Good governance - the Role of Corporate Actors"

On February 26- 27th 2008, Ambassadors and other high ranking officials from 9 African countries met with prominent and distinguished young leaders for the 2nd diplomat forum in Wittenberg, Germany, under the Wittenberg Centre for Global Ethics´ program "Building Global Cooperation- New Alliances with Africa".

The aim of the event was as a result of the declarations made in the former forum and to have the participants discuss questions of global concern in a familiar place around the topic "Ethics and Good Governance- the Role of Corporate Actors".

It was commonly agreed that cooperation can lead to better and more sustainable results for all involved. Corporate actors always have any given number or courses of action to take, and it would be best if they took the ones that would benefit everyone. It was, however noted that, many corporations are in the business to make profit, and more often that not, engaging in investment in social conditions that lead to mutual advantage are not very profitable ventures.

Because corporations, along with every one else, are always looking out for their own self interest before all else, we have a real dilemma on how to make this model and these corporations work better, especially in African countries where there is much need for development and investment from corporations.