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Wittenberg Dialogue Forum 2007 "Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit - the Role of African Diplomats"

On September 26 and 27, 2007, ambassadors and diplomats from 12 African states met with young leaders at the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics.

The forum was used for an exchange of thoughts on current developments in Africa and the mediating role of diplomats. The contribution of global ethics to the development of the continent and the approach of the Wittenberg Center were discussed intensively.

The meeting took place in connection with the Program for "Building Global Cooperation - New Alliances with Africa". Those attending included the ambassadors from Algeria, Ethiopia, Botswana, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique,Namibia and South Africa as well as from the island states of Madagascar and Mauritius accredited in Berlin. There were also diplomats of ministerial rank from Nigeria and Rwanda present. Young leaders came 12 Building Global Cooperation Annual Report 2007 from the countries mentioned as well as Togo and Cameroon. There were also representatives from international organizations, industry and science, including those from the OECD and Daimler AG.

"The scientific approach of the Wittenberg Center has great potential for analyzing and restructuring our diverse problems in practice," said Ambassador Carlos dos Santos from Mozambique. Tumenta F. Kennedy added: "The ideas and imagination in the heads of people is crucial for the development of Africa. It is not so much a question of money as partnership, mutual respect and joint responsibility in the search for solutions to problems."

At the end, the ambassadors adopted a declaration. In this they emphasized their special solidarity with young, well-educated leaders whom they see as crucial forces for a prosperous future of Africa. The participants also called for long-term material cooperation with the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics. For example a follow-up process in Wittenberg and Africa was agreed, in which for example the issues of African culture and traditional values, the establishment of institutions, the question of debt relief as well as migration and the role of the African diaspora are to be dealt with.

The Wittenberg Declaration (PDF)