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Visit of the Congress-Bundestag-Seminar to Wittenberg

The 28th annual Congress-Bundestag-Seminar stopped by at the Wittenberg Center on 29th June.

During the luncheon in the old city hall of Wittenberg, Chair of the Foundation's Board of Trustees Professor Dr. Jürgen Strube and President of the American Foundation for the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics, Inc. Paul C. Rosser presented the Wittenberg Center as well as the Code of Responsible Conduct for Business Initiative to the visiting German and US delegates and representatives from political foundations and business. In the course of the subsequent discussions, participants showed keen interest for the international activities of the Center. They wished to learn about how the Code of Responsible Conduct for Business implementation was progressing and discussed the possibility of extending the Code of Responsible Conduct initiative to the US. It was stressed that the Center's work is of high relevance for achieving societal cooperation on a global scale.

Initiated in 1983, the Congress-Bundestag-Seminar is held annually to bring together US-congress(wo)men and representatives of the Bundestag for talks on issues concerning the transatlantic ties. The seminar functions as an important tool for fostering US-German relations, cooperation and mutual understanding. The group of participants is composed of current and former US-congress(wo)men and German representatives as well as delegates of the US and German Foreign Ministries and representatives from business and the academia.