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WCGE hosts meeting with Yemeni delegation

A group of government representatives, scientists and business consultants from Yemen paid a visit to the WCGE on 4 September 2013.

A discussion session focused on ethical concepts that might support successful cooperation among state, business and civil society organizations.

Successful cooperation is of high relevance for the Republic of Yemen, in particular as regards the country's development process and the establishment and strengthening of institutions. Against this background, Yemeni politics, business and research institutions decided to commonly found the Khobara Center for Development and Consulting Services. The national think tank aims at supporting Yemen's development by providing analyses and recommendations. For this purpose, the Center brings together national and international expertise. The Khobara Center closely cooperates with GIZ, a German development organization, which also organized the visit to the WCGE.

The participants, among them the Yemeni Deputy Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, were particularly interested in the WCGE's theoretical approach. In this context, Prof. Mohammed al -Maitami, President of the Khobara Center, highlighted that due to its social market economy model, Germany has a strong international reputation when it comes to bringing together profit-seeking and solidarity. The debate also reminded that gently merging market economy principles and cultural traditions is an important challenge. It was also noted that thanks to the Israeli-Jordan business talks that had been moderated by the WCGE over the course of six years, the WCGE gained valuable experiences on such processes.

As a result of the visit and its positive debates, Khobara Center and WCGE agreed to explore possibilities of a future cooperation. First ideas were already discussed and will be elaborated further.